Wednesday, December 16, 2009

StinyLulu's Supporting Actress Blog-a-thon Class of 2009

So just like last year, Popcorn and Cigarettes will be participating in StinkyLulu's Supporting Actress Blog-a-thon.

It was a lot of fun to see who supported who last year, and so I am excited to be doing it again. Unfortunately, Rinko Kikuchi will have to sit this year out (click here to see my post on her performance from last year).

Just like last year, any blog may participate, so even blogs that aren't focused on film may enter their own posts! Click here for all of the information on how to enter. I highly recommend you enter, not only because it is a lot of fun, but also because it is great to write about highly deserving performances that probably do not get as much recognition as they deserve.

See you on January 17, 2010!