Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kubrick and von Trier

I was over at In Contention, and I came across two articles that I loved so much I had to share them. First up is the article on Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. The article over at In Contention is actually a link to a longer piece by The Mutiny Company, which I actually just finished reading. I thought the piece was really fantastic, so I felt I had to post about it.

Next up I have another article (credit is due to In Contention once again for bringing the article to my attention) from The Independent chronicling von Trier's work up to his new film Antichrist. Here is a second article from The Guardian which gives eight opinions on the film from various backgrounds (the lovely Samantha Morton is one of those voicing her opinion on the film).

I absolutely cannot wait to see Antichrist, I sincerely hope that it is coming to the Toronto International Film Festival. If it doesn't I might just have to pull a Charlotte Gainsbourg.


[Source In Contention]

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