Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why All the Hate?

I think by now, any reader of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Nicole Kidman. Whatever she chooses to do, whatever projects she blesses with her presence, I will be there.

What I am having some trouble understanding is all of the hate and negativity directed toward this woman. What has she done to deserve any of it? Some label her as box-office poison, and others just like to call her a terrible actress on completely unfounded and unsupported grounds. Look at the hoopla surrounding Nicole's latest interview with 2day FM. A few select quotes were taken out of context and blasted around the internet, painting a pretty awful picture. Why all the hate?

I'm just going to say it right now. Nicole can act. Don't believe me? The Academy, BAFTAs, and the Golden Globes have all presented their trophies to her so she may place them on her mantle. Can she really be that terrible, and have somehow magically convinced all of these people that she is worthy of honoring? Maybe you're not convinced and think that I am just hiding behind these groups because I don't have a real example of Nicole Kidman doing some fantastic work. Well go put your copy of Moulin Rouge! back into your DVD player and go to the scene where Nicole is looking at the birdcage, or when she ascends from the heavens on a swing, or perhaps when she desperately calls for forgiveness from center stage. I am telling you Nicole can act. For those of you who don't own the DVD (for shame!) I am going to provide the scenes I am talking about after the jump.

I was just thinking about comparing Nicole to another one of my favourite actresses (who is having a banner year this year) - Kate Winslet. As far as I know, Kate Winslet is universally beloved by everyone in the whole world, and rightfully so. However, Kate has had her share of box office and critical bombs. Now I mean no disrespect, I love Kate with all my soul, but why haven't I heard websites going on and on about her box-office bombs, and critics smearing her with hatred. Now I will admit that Kate Winslet generally gives out performances that are always outstanding, whereas Nicole's performances can be a little shakey at times, but all the same, how come I find all the hate directed at Nicole? I hear people going on and on about how Australia was a huge bomb and whatnot, but I checked out Box Office Mojo, and I discovered that Australia has made a profit of $21 Million and counting. It may not sound like much, but I wouldn't consider it a bomb! Heading over to Rotten Tomatoes, Australia seems to be sitting at a luke-warm 54%, but Winslet's latest offering, The Reader, isn't doing that much better with a 60% approval rating.

How about we look at the box office receipts of The Golden Compass, Bewitched, The Interpreter, Birth, The Stepford Wives, and Dogville? All of these films, despite what critical reception they might have recieved, have all managed to turn a profit at the box office. Compared to the likes of Romance and Cigarettes, Little Children, All the King's Men, and Hideous Kinky, I think Nicole looks like a pretty good bet. Just to to
p off my point, Revolutionary Road and The Reader have yet to recoup their budgets (not to suggest that I don't want them too... I wish Kate all the success she can handle!) and if they don't receive any Academy Award nominations, I doubt the films will be able to recoup at the box office.

So why all the hate? Where has all the love gone? Both of these woman are fantastic actresses who have made fantastic films, and hopefully go on to make many more. So why does one side seem to bathe in praise, while the other is scorned and shamed by the public?! Can someone explain this to me?! Is it her personality? Her background? Her face? Can someone tell me why the whole world doesn't love Nicole Kidman? Because I do, and I think I will until the day I die.

Unfortunately I could not find the video for this, just the song, so I guess you will just have to hear the pain in her voice rather than see it.

Try to ignore the... Spanish?

Nicole is so lovely.


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